We want to immerse our leadership into the world of Crohn’s patients

Communications Planning


A global biotech company

The Challenge

Managers know that just having a stack of customer data doesn’t bring patients into the minds of employees or their organisation. In response, we were tasked with finding Crohn’s patients whose story and experience embodied the challenges facing their business. The stories needed to be vivid and authentic. They needed to be used to motivate the workforce at a global biotech company during an annual Leadership Affiliate event to motivate the workforce.


Business leaders spent a day inside the life of several patients with Crohn’s disease. They developed first-hand insights into the impact of the condition on people’s lives and their loved ones. Naked Eye took the learning and developed stories and short films which truly engaged the audience on the day of the European Affiliate event.


Content for the Managing Director’s keynote speech at the event. The materials were later used to support patient centric services including treatment adherence programmes, remote patient monitoring, and medication delivery and support.
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StoryQuest – Customer Inspired Leadership