How do people buying new cars go about their purchase?

Behavioural Insight


An automotive business

The Challenge

A US car sales company wanted to gain a deep understanding of today's new car buyer: their wants and needs, their frustrations during the new car buying process and the opportunities to design innovative services for their digital platform.


Ethnographers visited consumers over a 4 month period spending time in their home, observing their online journeys, accompanying them to showrooms and on test drives. They recorded what new car buying experiences really looked like and how they made buyers feel. We conducted interviews with dealerships around the UK to establish the different traits of new car buyers and recruited participants who developed video diaries logging their car buying activities to an online portal over a four month period.


A workshop which took the client team through distinct online and offline journeys. The deliverables took the excitement and frustrations experienced during key moments of truth along the purchase journey and translated these into digital opportunities.